Sunday, October 31, 2010

Multiple Canaans

 My neighbor and one of my (oftentimes!) best buds growing up in Canaan Valley was named Canaan (pictured above with his Pops Chazz). Both were pronounced differently, the Valley bucking the tradition with kuh-nane, instead of the original kay-nun. Harry, our bus driver for a few years, always called him Cannon. He loved leaving out the Y sound. Kids snickered every time Harry boomed out "Cannon, get in your seat!!!" Harry never changed his pronunciation, not once.

Canaan the man, who I just got to hang with for the first time in, oh, something like 4 years (he's been chasing winter around the globe, Endless Winter? Coaching NZ skiers there, in CA and in CAlifornia. Go buddy go!) may eventually settle in Canaan Valley someday.....very far away? His skills are being used in the race universe, so it might be a while.

What sparked this strange post about Canaan (the man, the place, and yes, lest we forget, the biblical land of milk and honey) was that I stumbled upon a pretty interesting site called The Change Creation. There goal is clearly stated, and the buggers make ya think a little more than the regular automaton by having the website go ----> that way and not  |
                                                                this way.

While in this inspiring website, I came across Canaan Fair Trade. "Fair Trade Delicacies From Palestine, The Land Of Milk And Honey." Having read about the Canaanites focus on agriculture and essentially more nomadic disposition due to erratic changes in the climate (Did you hear that echo?), it seems fitting that Canaan, the man and winter nomad, is living in a very intensive agricultural place, New Zealand...perhaps it is like a modern day land of milk and honey? Not to piss off any fellow Americans.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small World(s)

Aw, soooo cute. Little baby black bean aphids magnified 40x. Momma looks like she should have an instrument. Maybe she sings.

By Dr. Tomas Cabello,  Roquetas de Mar, Spain.
Man, the things that people are discovering and doing simply astounds me. Ever since I started reading Gizmag, I've been thrust head first into what used to be thought of as Sci-Fi, but is now, more and more, becoming Sci-Re(ality.) Take these microscopic pictures, for instance, and perhaps you'll see what I mean. There are some pretty cool ones here.

While some of the high technology can be used for scary purposes, it's mostly fascinating and intriguing. "Green" energy has taken more and more steps toward becoming "accepted/normal," and not some far-out pipe dream. Reduce, reuse, recycle. But keep on playin' with power!

Here are some examples:  

A solar thermal power plant that requires only sun and air. Pretty cool.

Or the Domespace, a passive solar and solar powered rotating dome house with a central fireplace and amazing insides. (Gotta love the repetitive copy paste photo edit on the second pic. Nice yard.) Seems circles are less likely to be blown over. What an idea!

And here is some hot shit, literally. Those cousins across the pond are turning poo into power. Another old idea that has a 21st century spin.

OK, last one...for now. In a few years we may have the ability to paint on solar film...Sounds a lot easier than installing a mounted roof unit, eh?

*Add-On* Grist informed us off the power of poop. With the help of microbes, people have figured out how to make plastics out the microbe's dung....and it's byproducts are harmless and biodegradable. Holy shit? No. But it's cool shit.

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Connected to Change

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Oh, what a silly idea that is.

    Dang, Grist just keeps pumping out interesting information. Seems our neighbors in the EU are rallying together to voice their disdain for genetically modified (GM) crops. (Poor Monsanto, silly Forbes. Seems reminiscent of Highland Prospects...except the Chamber never lamented.)

    And it's about time: West Coast mindset moves bikes to forefront.
    Which leads to mentioning WV's poor public transportation.
    One more thing: Organic Milk Rap Video:

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Gone Leaves

    Davis just ain't good enough...the Fall season is creeping into the area, ending the leaf peeping and beginning the doldrums of tourism. Time to clean the sails and ration the vittles! Anchors unneeded.

    Nejoe tried teaching Honey how to levitate (much easier on the ol' joints) but she's already airy enough, so she did her best to stay somewhat grounded. I didn't teach her any of that stuff. Uncle Mike is likely responsible for that. It takes a village...

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    UConn work shows benefits of hemp biodiesel - Biodiesel Magazine

    UConn work shows benefits of hemp biodiesel - Biodiesel Magazine

    Damn Hippies. Figuring out more great and reliable uses for hemp. Wouldn't ya know, the seed oil from good ol' cannabis sativa performs wonderfully when used as a biofuel. Many biofuels begin to cloud and become more and more viscous (they thicken/gel) as the temperature drops; mainly below freezing is when problems can occur (unless you can apply heat to the system). Hemp oil, it turns out, doesn't begin to cloud until -20 C or -4 F. That's a mighty big advantage. Alas, America, the Land of the Free, doesn't allow you the freedom to grow this harmless and diversely helpful plant. But, as the article points out, the faintest bit of clouding begins earlier than -4 F: at about 22 degrees.

    Hemp is useful and good for soil health. That's why our First Prez Geo Washington grew the hell out of it. Tobacco destroys soil health pretty quickly. He made the right move. Before hemp was made illegal, our American flags, most ropes and sails for ships, clothes, our paper, yea, even our Constitution was made from this versatile crop. It's too bad that it gets lumped in with the most evil plant on the earth. Oh wait, that's tobacco. (I don't really believe plants have morality.)

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Time Measured in Months


    2 months young and already standing! (w/ a little help...)

    Thanks to Ms. Summer W., former Davis resident and power Mom, for the great Bumbo auto-sit baby stand. Esty loves it! And we do, too. 

    Every since we discovered that she could sit up by herself in this little thang, the rigorous workout/training routine has gotten a whole lot tougher. She is now required to do pull-ups, push-ups, and the newest addition, sit-ups. As Ani D. put it...Up Up Up Up Up!

    Kinda forget who got Esty this one...was it Glenda? Thanks, whomever! Anyhow, I sewed this sweet MSBC patch on there and am anxiously awaiting some huge offer for mass production...not really. But I like it, nonetheless.

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    The REAL Baby Party

    As you may have read (or imagined), Estoria's pre-Estoria baby party was a hit. But just recently, a mini-baby party was had with Mr. August in attendance.  While Esty is still typically staring in one direction and flailing clumsily, from my observations she is making the connection that her hand, which is connected her brain, can and is actually affecting the world around her. Use the tools well, sweetie!

    And once I tweak some more photos I'll post 'em....these days there is so much room on a little digi that it's hard to justify taking a picture with pixelated cube eyeballs. Sorry gramps, time to upgrade from the dial-up!

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Deep Down Fear

    I don't have an affinity for things with multiple appendages, especially spiders. I have worked hard on overcoming my fear of these (typically) harmless creatures who are likely more threatened by me, and I must say, the fact that I didn't squash this big nasty lookin' guy was a signpost that I am doing better. I assume he came aboard my vehicle via sunflowers, which I desperately needed to harvest, dry and....use. Anyhow, he was spotted crawling around Esty's car seat base. Thankfully the little one was not with me, or she may have eaten him/her (I didn't check...).

    Spider Motel, soon to be demolished, well, moved, dried, then disassembled.

    I drove home and literally forget about the arachnid instantly, blaring some TVOTR, again, and planning the fall growing plans in the garden of my mind. As I began to unload the heady sunflowers, I noticed some pretty hefty webs crisscrossing that trusty car seat base....dang! I had forgotten! How endangering! How Cory of me! Alas, I had lost track of this beautifully threatening-looking spider. Was he on my shirt collar, waiting for me to notice it before sinking into my neck? Or was it waiting for the *click* of the car seat, hoping to find some less able prey? Either way, I wanted to get him outta my coche. And then it appeared, on the headrest, looking so powerful and hungry, despite it's little figure. And then I pissed my pants. Not really. That only happens when I watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. But I managed to get him onto an old coffee cup sleeve (with the outdated Hypno logo on it, wouldn't wanna improve it and hurt an artist's feelings, now would we?) and he stayed dead still while I brought him inside to show the ladies.
    Shee-Ra exclaimed shrilly, "OmiJah! Kill that thing NOW!"

    "Alright, where is that asiago pizza...?"

    Wow. Such harmful/hateful commands coming from an often sweet and gentle woman...often.  I was then on guard and protecting this fine looking beast from her swatting banter. Hastily we fled to the wonderful place that is outside of your boring right-angle "home." The sun shone brightly on the spider's big  red back, and he began to scamper towards my hand. I tinkled only a little. Deftly, I waited until it was a spider's length from my fingertip and did the ol' flip-a-roo-roo on the little bugger. He had no other choice but to keep moving along the cardboard treadmill prison. Applying his web all the way, I took a trip to the nearby pond and put him in the bamboo-like plants that are overtaking some of my wet yard. Well, I hope that he doesn't find his way back to my vehicle, or the house. Just make a nice little home by the pond, where the yummy bugs play and the dogs won't eat you. Live a simple life in a quiet town. (Post-posting note: My great pal Chip B. informed me that this little creature is a marbled orb weaver (Araneus marmoreus). And, as it turns out, it is totally harmless. Likely more frightened of us than we needed to be of it...)