Monday, June 20, 2011

Padre Day Numero Uno

Big thanks to Ma 'n Pa for a scrumptious brunch to celebrate Dad's. It was oddly attended by some notorious non-Dad's (mainly Gary B.), which really took the edge off.

 Estoria enjoyed Father's Day to the fullest by playing in the rain. Fine with me. Natural West Virginia bath right there buddy!
 Don't call CPS, we got her dry and inside before any chance of hypothermia could set in.

"Now if only I could figure out how to get off this porch and dash into the wilderness..."

Evermore proving her love of water and its ability to make a mess, she takes her Mom's bike sock and proceeds to do some art on the floor. I should give her paint and see what she makes...we'll write you a check soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I can see clearly now....

...the mountains are gone.

This is necessary. This is informative. This is real.

Ever notice that the "skeptics" on climate change often have links to the very entities that help produce a rapidly warming planet? Oil, agriculture, energy. Them damn politicians are bought and sold, and while the climate changes, the bullshit rhetoric and deep denial does not. Ah well, I guess we need complete flippin' ignoramus' in the that one can learn how to better communicate! Grist linked me into USA Today's editorial on just how dang stubborn these deniers really are (it's a short read). Head meet sand...oh, you've met?

And this is even more real:

Saving Blair Mountain from Jay Mallin on Vimeo.

Blair Mountain was the site of a huge, if not the largest, civil uprising after the Civil War (wiki wiki!). We're talking pissed off miners with weapons that skirmish with coal company thugs and eventually the US Army, who actually flew Martin MB-1 planes over multiple towns and dropped left-over bombs from WWI. Are you listening? Shooting and bombing people (the people working to make those bastards rich) who want fair wages and to get out of the trap that was scrip set up by the company store. Our government, "for the people," was busy kissing coal's ass a long time ago...and it hasn't changed much. But the March on Blair Mountain could be the little push that snow ball needed....let it hit you in the face and make you think, act, feel.

On the gardening front, I've come across a handy website explaining just what may be in that compost you just bought at Lowes. Some of it is harmless and some of it can be a  bit more dangerous. Speaking of big box stores like Lowes, if you are going to buy plants there perhaps you would like to buy organically grown veggies, herbs, and flowers from yours truly. The Inter-Mountain just ran a nice article on what's happening around the county (that's me with the Green Rivers hat and the crappy wanted). Don't worry. Local is cool again.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moo Ma

(Image from

For all you mothers who just don't want to give your child the best all natural food, perhaps you can hire a cow to do it for you. Chinese scientists have been genetically engineering milk cows to produce human breast milk. Maybe it's more like human udder milk. How about Mudder's Milk? Udderly the breast milk around? Oh this is too weird. They hope to sell it in supermarkets in a few years. Why is America so slow to catch on? Just think about all the free time mothers could have...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wet wet wet; hot hot hot.

Extremes in weather are tricky to roll with. When it rains, it pours. When it doesn't, it really doesn't. What's that? We may get some thunder showers today? We'll take it.