Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Protesting Not In Vain

Uncle Scam and Ed, whose daughter made the best, meet sludge impoundment. (You'll get to see the fate of Uncle Scam a little later...)

First off, big thanks to Jen O. for staying true to her heart's course and also informing me about the upcoming events this summer to educate people about MTR mining. Check it!

After a long night of glam-rock sanity, I hopped a ride south to participate in a protest against mountaintop removal coal mining at Marsh Fork Elementary School, the site that you see in my previous post. Thanks to my late night we were a bit bit late for the music and arrived to hear the many local and national speakers. Massey Energy Co., the coal company that has been under fire for its devastating practice of MTR "mining" and building a coal sludge impoundment right next to said school.

As long as trees are cut down to blow up mounatintops, their will be no going home...
The protest was a mix of anti-MTR folks and Massey workers and their families (a really, really nice bunch, that one). Some big names were there: Dr. James Hansen (also mentioned in an earlier post), actress Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill....), and Ken Hechler, a former WV Congressman (elected eight (8) times!) who, ironically, was hugely influential in making mining safer for miners (he was also the only Congressman to march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). Those and some thirty (30) others were arrested at the gates of Massey...taunted the whole time by hugely duped peon miners. One fellow from the Rainforest Action Network said it paraphrase: People got arrested for the civil rights movement, people went to jail to give women the right to vote, people protested so that they could have the weekends off from work.... Things change, and these protests are proving it!

Here is a short video clip of Ms. Hannah being taken to the slammer!
The Hot Spot at Massey, a good gamble, for once.
Daryl got to ride up front!

Uncle Scam cuffed and awaiting the gentle arm of the law.

Despite being a bit boring, this pic stuck out....

SWAT studs made everybody feel safe...
This is only the beginning of the wave. Time to spread the word, write your representatives, get informed (about people like the new EPA Chief Lisa Jackson), and take steps to live wiser!
Viva Las MontaƱas!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Triple Cobra is going to rock the family-fun Purple Fiddle on there or be scared. Here is their title track video.

Today is the release date of Journey Up Coal River, "an interactive mapping project that combines music, audio, photography and the written word to tell the story of the Coal River Valley, W.Va." The site is packed with stories of local residents that have been affected by MTR mining, as well as a neat interactive map that shows the best locations for wind farms on the mountians that MTR would destroy. Check it!

Marsh Fork Elementary School, the hot spot on Tuesday

Having just completed the most informative, necessary and intense class of my WVU undergraduate venture with Dr. Hanham, called Climate and Atmosphere (basically getting the low down on facts and figures regarding the evolution of climate change and global warming...two different and huge issues), I am excited to go south to protest the destruction of Mountain Top Removal coal mining. Thanks to Jen for keeping me tuned in on the details!

  • Dr. James Hansen, a leading climatologist and outspoken critic of our blind-eye government and mega-manipulative media, was a vital part of the class with (rebel) Hanham. He will be coming to Marsh Fork Elementary to start a fresh phase of activism, as well as actress and activist Daryl Hannah. It ought to be a powerful event!
  • Check out Dr. Hansen's writing: Obstruction of Justice. Hansen says "Don’t expect the young people to give up. But they shouldn’t be standing alone. They didn’t even create the mess. They are just inheriting it." Well said...passing on the dilemmas. Seems more people are getting riled up about these problems....Democracy Now has been covering the news surrounding the protests and activism.

In other less....ummm, worldy news? Charlie Williams has been working tirelessly, repeat tirelessly, on his 665th completion (minus one missing piece) of his antique Masters of the Universe puzzle. I crafted some stylish multi-colored glasses to better help his task, complete with reused Hypno coffee cup holders for the temples.
Upon having his first quad shot of espresso, this was the face...

Highland Prospects had a grand (re)opening today...rainy at first, windy mostly, but a seemingly awesome turnout and much support and faith put in by the local community. Big ups to them young lads and lassies for staying up late to get everything feng shuied just looks great!
The boyz at Highland Prospects are doing it the good ol' way and moving into their new place with foot power! Which side of the road do you think that they should use....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Climb the Lion's Mane

UPDATE: My great friend, Jen O., has been working tirelessly for years to educate people about the harm that mountaintop removal coal mining causes for people's health s well as the health of the one environment that we are all linked to.
The main goal is to end this harmful practice. Jen has been using the powerful medium of music to get her message out to the world; a wonderful musician and singer indeed! Check out her non-profit organixation and the whole scene here: Keep it up, rebel rocker!

Rad Ad tearin' up the Lion's Mane

My younger brother, Adam, and his g-friend, Kate, are visiting the east before sailing the skies west to Boulder. On Monday we went on a stellar hike out to Lion's Head, an iconic destination in the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Tony B., Adam, Kate, and I did a bit of bouldering and one sweet top-rope climb right up the Lion's mane...a sweet climb at an even sweeter locale.

The hike out to Lion's Head is ~four (~4) miles, a hefty hike for a climb...Adam and Kate joked that the climbers in CO would never hike that far for a wasn't just about the climb though...of course. The hike is phreakin' astounding with giant marshy expanses that sit high atop the Dolly Sods Wilderness (bring good boots!), and the old railroad grade makes for a good trail. Astounding to think of a train trudging through those tall(er) trees, taking each big stick down and out to feed the boom that was happening...

Sir Tony awaits the rapel...gotta trust the gear!

Ferns: a favorite plant; the aroma = divine!

The next day (Tues.) we went on a short stroll out to Pendelton Falls, a radical and steep canyon waterfall....we found one sandal and a long-sleeved shirt....I sniffed for a body but found only moss.

Pendelton Falls, perfect for a skinny dip!

This past weekend the 24 Hours of Big Bear transpired...Jo Mo worked it (mainly ripping around on a motorbike and, as usual, grinning) and the Waite Boys raced it. I picked up Addy and Kate and we caught the end of the race...

Established racer, NickcantWaite, enjoying quality race fuel with Mommadukes. If his brother trains like he does the duo will be unstoppable! Go Waite Brothers!

The CO couple are leaving today, boo...which means that I will need to plan a trip to see them, climb, and hear supadope music....can we say "Red Rocks?"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Workin' Around the Weather

The Davis garden is shaping up well. The weather has been cooperative and the earth is draining better than it did last week...ditch diggin'!!!

Kale yes! My favorite raw greens...

A lame shot...but this row is is filled with 'maters, lime basil, kale, brocoli, peps...

Meanwhile, Chef Gary did his first day of omelets at Hypno this morning...can you say mouth watering?

Tomato, basil, and mozzarella omelet...divine.

Geo B. found these chicken-of-the-woods on his way to Canaan, asparagus from his own garden! My favorite mushroom, by far!
Yeah sucka, I made that!.....well, no I didn't...mine are even more "absrtact" than this.

The universe quickly answered my request for a home....for my plants (now one for me...still waiting.) I started some seeds in Motown, graduated, split town, and nurtured them until they could let their roots into more solid/stationary ground. I'll post some pic's soon of the lovely spot that Mac and Kristin allowed me to use. On the first day of tilling I was offered some composted horse poo from the T-line Stables, thanks Matt! It was perfect shtuff! And it don't stank! I've also been collecting coffee compost from Hypno (which has a new online store!) for any and all acid-loving plants....mmm, yum!

All that said, I put some of the last plants in yesterday after beeing put out for a spell by the heavy rains last week....also, the garden spot has a drainage issue that Mac and I have addressed. I am about to fill in the empty spaces with some fresh seeds...likely some flowers and maybe some quick growing veggies. Stop by later for food...

About to go pick up my middle brother, Adam, in Motown, check out the 24 Hours of Big Bear and head back to TC. Catch him while you can...he's only in for a spell!
  • I've been reading Ode magazine and they have a nice little blurb about a gym that may soon be carbon neutral....I have thought for years that the people paying to pedal staionary bike machines ought to be making power and not using it....this Green Microgym in Portlan, OR is doing just that!

  • The Purple Fiddle is going to have one the wildest times EVER when Triple Cobra comes to shred it up with glam-rock burlesque dancing and wild dress-up! COME OUT (of the closet?)!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Must-hear songs!!!
My great friend, Kyle, is back in town and has been turning me and others onto this amazingly clever spin on the national news....check out the Gregory Brothers: Auto-tune the News! This link is for Michael's YouTube Channel.
Coal is our State Rock!

As if WV didn't already have a bad rap....Our coal-toting Gov. Joe Manchin declared coal our state rock! The story is here and the more detailed breakdown is here (Go Grist!). The Grist article points out some of the harsh realities of this state....good comments as well!

Hypno Hits the Nighttime Seas
I've been training at Hypno Coffee and we are just beginning to expand the hours into the evening and night...come by if you like it late!
Be well folks!