Friday, December 31, 2010


Video Description: Estoria telling us how upset she is that we didn't get her a pony for Christmas.
Uncle Adam has proven time and and time again that he's a good uncle, as he frequents Estoria's abode often. When asked what Sheena might want for Christmas, I told him a babysitting voucher; his face went form and "Oh yeah, good idea" look and quickly morphed into a "Oh hell no, I've seen her freak out crying" look. Despite that, he may prove to be a good Daddy, too! Look out, ladies.

We's kin.

Thanks, WIC. Similac, kiss my booby.

With a worldwide shortage of drool, Esty has been doing her part. Thanks a lot dogs, you've really been a slackin'! Troll Drool Rules!

There's a Ski Hash tonight in Thomas, I believe it starts at Rob's home. Good luck catching him! If there is enough snow, maybe a Leadmine Hash could be in order for the March 6 event?
Any good Resolutions? Mine has to do with something I read in an Osho book yesterday. He said if you want roses, focus on the rosebush. If you want love/peace, focus on meditation. These former things are products of tending to the latter. Nice thoughts. Adios Twenty Ten.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hell Week

It's a tradition to call this week "Hell Week," since the Canaan Valley area is slammed with people all trying to get their fix of snow and grub. My own personal hell is not so much a hell at all, although doing massages day in and day out leaves me a bit delirious and a bit sore. Heaven and hell are states of mind, according to Mr. Cayce. My mind hasn't been this clear in a while, and I await more of the onslaught of phone calls and last minute scheduling fiascos. Bare with me, and maybe you'll get those kinks worked out sooner or later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now We Know Who The Troll Is

This is Estoria's Mom, Sheena, at birth. I mentioned that Esty was nicknamed Troll at we know why!

And this is Estoria, our daughter, who seems to have made a slight change to the beautiful face that begets many a person who just got kicked out of the warmest paradise they'll ever know (sorta, too bad we don't really know it while its happening.)...she just switched eyes.

In other news, Chaga (aka Todd, single, waiting, call me please!) has been putting out some fun ski videos that anybody who *wishes* they were skiing can get the feeling a bit. Nothing beats the real thang, but if yer jonesin'. Who's that weirdo makin' the face?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Days

Winter has greeted our land on time and steadily. A small thaw left a teeny base of breakable crust that was topped with another 6-8 inches (or a few feet, depending on the natural features and how the wind blows.) It has been utterly terrific skiing. Yeehaw!

Esty got her first ski day with Pops.
She's in that pull sled pictured, happily awaiting some kick and glide.

But before I took the little love out for a stroll, I followed these two brothers to certain fun. Upon reaching the lodge...

...I fooled myself into doing it again with these two fine gentlemen. 
Dang, it was good. I mean REALLY GOOD!

Anybody think a tele race or two would be worthwhile? Lets chat.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Keep That Head In The Sand

Love it. Fox Ain't Got No Slant! Our favorite "news" organization's head honcho tells his little "reporters/skewers", that they should basically hold out against admitting that irrefutable piles of scientific research on global warming are worth a shit. The Rude Pundit delights in easily exposing their own rottenness in nearly every post. They just pour out the crap. 

Guess it just ain't enough to have nearly every respected scientist to agree that the trend is a warming of this globe. What do they know, anyhow!? Don't they know that it's easier to just deny information rather than gather and assess it? Silly scientists.

I wonder if science had anything to do with this: Solar Powered Hornets Teach Mankind. A much more concise (and, yes, complicated) explanation of WTF is going on with these flying power plants can be found here. (Ah, biomimicry! Such wonderful pagan undertones...)

Here's the Little One:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This house is dope!

Well, not really. Hemp House. Check and see how high on the list of green building it really is.

gizmag has a nice dulaity to it...

Standing next to it while it burns down (not wishing that upon this milestoned home) will not get you a least not the one you may want. But hey, Asheville, NC seems like the greener part of anything outside of California/West Coast (How did Ol' Jerry put it? "The country got shook up and all the fruits nuts and queers rolled on over to California!" Love you, man.) Next thing we gotta allow is the farming of this super-versatile plant and making Hempcrete at home. What an idea.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"It's been so loooooong..."

"...since I've heard that pretty voice!" Caught one of my favorite groups, Cloud Cult, a few weeks ago and the are tighter than ever and the live art gets better too. Whoa. It's been too long for me to have not been posting more. I guess living down in the hills with natural surroundings and no people to disturb the inherent peace of the area could have something to do with it. Perhaps if the new digs get hip to the 21st century then we can blog from that peaceful place...likely making for more peaceful posts? We'll see if there is a positive correlation.

 Esty's First Taste of Turkey...even if it is via breast milk. I am convinced that, just like brassicas make for fussy milk, turkey milk must have a sleepy effect on the babe. She was so dang good for the few days after Giving Thanks. She may be proud to know that her Dad and two uncles had hands in slaying, gutting, and cleaning the bird. Thanks to Ben, Stacy Kay and Cora for the bloody good time at Healthberry Farm. Support local any way you can, man! Dang camera battery was dead or else I woulda posted a gnarly and innformative visual buthcering experience. May make all you fellow carnivores know where meat can come from. No factories here, thank jah.