Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes You Gotta Move!

Stole my own image off the WG site. Jacob L. at it again.

Well, there is gonna be a big ol' shindig on this full moon down at the new pad. That's right, new to me as I prepare for the little runt to take over. Bedrooms have been painted, cobwebs have been vacced, most of them, and some firewood needs to be acquired...since it still gets pretty cold when the sun doesn't shine.

Super exciting, I know. Keep your clothes on.

Anyhow, come by the "new" place on Freeland Road this Thursday, May 27 (Golden B'day), for a rocking good full moon drum howlin' time! Ya know, 6 or 7 or dark or whenever you want. Only one neighbor to piss off, and she is really really cool. I think she was bumpin' the bass supa dupa loud last night so I gotta compete. Bring drums! 

Here are some pics of the new paint job...a bit dark the day I took the nursery's not that depressing.

 Bye bye bunks...

 Hello cradle.

 And hello No VOC Lavender and Lace.

 Our new neighbors. They are kinda loud in the morning...arguing all the time! Honey, my mutt, loves their poop. My garden does, too. Shit Yeah!

Avah and I planted some seeds for the garden and visited the horsey neighbors multiple times in a three (3) minute period. She likes them a lot.

 Later I let her pet Honey...and then we washed our hands.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is Bigger Always Better???

So, I ate a few Double Downs last night....and I am now blogging from a hospital bed that has had to be cleaned twice in the last hour.

But my spirits are high, because I have just learned that IHOP, the anytime breakfast and fake maple syrup chain, is stepping into the enormous ring of Food Boxing, which is the process of any food that we ingest actually beats the living shit out of our bodies hard-working systems, like digestion and immune function. They have made pancakes a bun for a crustless cheesecake, called "Pancake Stackers". Man, why didn't I think of that? Of a better way to put a pump right into las nalgas and push and pull until I can't stand upright due to quickly accrued extra weight.

Saturday Night Live did this skit on the beauty of mad mad combos. And mad is defined as insane, off the rocker...not cool.