Monday, October 26, 2009

Stay Home or LEAF

Above you see my best latte art thus far, minus the many Mother Marys and Jesucristos I poured and already sold on eBay.

LEAF was lovely. The weather stayed pretty darn nice considering the snowy peaks in the distance and looming storms nearby. On top of all that, dozens of children, and one insane "adult," were zip-lining right into the lake. You can see that people were bundled due to the new temperatures that come with the cooling of a huge mass. And then kids come wailing overhead, half-clothed, and drag into the water, often not letting out anymore yelps and laughter after must have been chilly.

Alright, the Cowboy Junkies rock, Zap Mama was uber-sexy and powerful, AD put it on like they have before, but I was the most impressed, moved, and tickled by a band called River Gueguerian Project, led by none other than River himself. He is a master percussionist and multi-instrumentalist and his stage presence was smooth, relaxed, and practically healing. He played with a didgeridoo dude, some sweeeet female vocals, an oud player and others, which added up to an amazing trance dance party. And the next day he played with a classical Spanish guitarist that was also outta this world. Check him out below, loves.

Thanks to Rob R., Mr. Mystical Crystal and recent B'day boy, for inviting me along to help slang jewelry and rocks that are way cooler than gravel. We came up with a few good ideas to make the biz better, kids happier (hence parents as well), and Rob less smelly...not really. 'Twas a fun and educational time (did you know that some sea creatures actually have bones made of aragonite, which, in crystal form, is a really neat exploding star-like crystal formation? Cooooool...)

Robbie, man of crystals, kept warm with fleece...

Browsers, browsers, browsers...will they be buyers? Will I get paid?

In other news, our last ultimate frisbee game is tonight...due to the time change coming up on Halloween. Get out you bum(s).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, this weekend will likely be a rainy one. I am heading south with Myster Mystical Crystal Rob R. to L.E.A.F., Lake Eden Arts Festival, in Black Mountain, NC. It ought to be fun no matter what the weather! I have been twice before to this wonderful bi-annual festival and it gets better every time...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Food and Fur

Sheena got a new kitty cat last week. She dreamed up his sex as female, to match her Lilly dog, but he is a boy. Thank gawd (joke). Sheen wanted to name her another flower name...yuck. I have deemed him "foggy bottom" since he is mostly white, but just around his tail and bum is a mix of black, white, and gray. Foggy Bottom it is! He has been giving Lilly a run for her money. See the video below for the in-house stand-off.

Anybody get the good views of the harvest moon? Holy moley! Gorgeous!
My garden is nearly done for....all tomatoes were blighted (I was told to make a weak epsom salt mixture with water and put it into the hole prior to planting and then occasionally on the leaves of the plant to prevent the blimey blight...any confirmed results, people?) While I was on top of my game in the beginning, I must say that I did not combat the weeds as well as I could have.
No worries though, for after some serious weed-whipping I cleaned up shop and came home with plenty of tomatillos (ya know, salsa verde), lettuce, cabbage, cukes, carrots, calendula, a few little beets, and even some butternut squash!!! Oh, and I have tons of organic kale, two varieties, so please, come take some.

The sunflowers won't stop bending over due to heavy-headedness. There is talk of plowing the plot and putting in some grains, like rye or something that my friend Kristin and I could make bread out of. Perhaps some garlic is in order as well?
Oh, and I just got a dog. More on that later.