Friday, August 27, 2010

"Baby Please Whatcha Say To Me..."

"Ain't nothin' new up under the sun..." - J5

Ladies and Gentlemen (minus Chip B.), my apologies for not getting this press release out sooner, but Miss Estoria Maeve Chase (8 lbs. 1 oz., 19 1/2 inches, benches 250 and down to a 5 minute mile) has been a bit of a nag about the publishing rights, royalties, music video contracts, record deals, yadda yadda....(you didn't know? She is going to totally piss her Momma off and lead a rock band called Maeve and the Madness...practice in the garage, will ya sweetheart?) Esty's already been forced to listen to such greats as Ween, Tricky, JJ Cale, Thievery Corporation, Blackalicious, Queen, and many, many others.

But with much coaxing and plenty of intoxicating (look up Maeve, in some places...) breast milk, we got her quite sloppy John Hancock on ten (10) of the fifteen (15) documents that we needed her to sign before she just had to pretend to be hungry again but really just needed a nap. So here it comes; a complete onslaught of photography. Done by yours falsely, mostly:

First clean baby pic: led to her nickname of Troll. This is only one hour after birth, as well as the next two pics.

 Girl Power

"Alright, where the hell is my mother?"

Our alien philosopher contemplates what's so cool about life on earth...

The first outing, one week young, Athey and Maggie's helluva good time wedding. 

This is her typical thing, reaching out and wondering where the boob is...

Almost two weeks old...Troll is back again! 

She is starting to crack these cute little smiles...only when the camera is far off. So cute, and usually after a good feeding. Sheena may be getting lonely this weekend as Pops has to work the Hypno Vessel.  So, if you read this before Sunday, swing by the ol' homestead and give Sheena a much deserved break/visit. We live in the little gray house at the end of Freeland. Stop on by!
It's On!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Country Style

It's not a soccer ball...nor is it really in focus, since I try to snap 'em before she gets photo-nervioso. Aiming for that raw, unadulterated image.

Fog Bot walks with us, while hunting. He usually lurks behind in the bushes....and then sprints past us, only to wait for another chance to pounce. What a funny animal. I've never had a cat that takes walks with me. Neat.

Holy Appetite, SheeRa baked some colorful carrots, beets, garlic, and 'taters. They tasted amazing and also created gastrointestinal activity not felt since, well, you get the point.
Still no major baby activity. All interested parties are asked to relax, breathe deep, and imagine a smooth process of total release, healing through the struggle, and flexibility for Sheena. And spiritual caffeine for Cory. Total thanks.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Patience is a Virtue..."

...until it's silence burns you." -TVOTR While I though it would be apparent to people when the baby came to be with us, it clearly is not. As of Sunday afternoon, there is little news to report. Sheena has been doing well, considering some of the stories I have heard about other women's pregnancies. I'm doing my best to let the little things ("Why aren't you home yet!?" "Sheenie Weenie Panini, I've been working all day...") roll on by, as I have no idea what it's like to a) be a woman, b) be a pregnant hormonal woman, and c) date me. But please know this, when the "blessed event" (Jeff C's diction) occurs, many of you will get a phone or e-mail message. Por favor, be patient.

"According to my notes, giving birth is gonna hurt like hell. Rub my feet, now!"

Foggy Bottom (aka Kit Kat) has taken a liking to Honey's quite aromatic and hairy bed...

..and Honey isn't sure she likes it. Of course, she can't really do anything about it, so she waits. If I were her I'd just sit on the little kitty...he'll get the point.

Sunrise from Hypno's awe-inspiring deck. Our beloved Chimney Tree at the Old Bank Building never looked so good. If you get to Hypno by 6:45ish then you, too, can witness this spectacle.