Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Way. Really?

Surprise surprise, genetically engineered corn that produces its very own insecticide (ah, the epitome of laziness, go humans!) is somehow getting into America's pristine waterways in the corn-rich flats of the Midwest. That is so hard to believe! Perhaps they can re-engineer that pesky staple food to also not deteriorate and spread its remains across the ground. Or, like Mr. Colbert said, maybe they could be self-picking?

Yeah, I'd like an insecticide smoothie with some extra Raid, please.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dunes are not Mountains

Estoria added another first to her fast-growing list of firsts: vacation at the beach. Now, she didn't get in the ocean, surf, collect shells, build castles, howl at babes (well, a little), or eat tons of fresh seafood...but you can't blame her. If I could be fed from a breast and nothing else, why bother with scum eating bottom feeders??? As for the other activities, well, she can't talk, walk, swim (maybe?) or use her good ol' opposable thumbs that well yet.So it was mostly boob. Rough life.

You can really get a quality sunrise when its this flat. I miss the mountains, oh wait, there's Mt. Trashmore, the highest point in Va. Beach!

One big fairly functioning family.

Esty's Lion Friend lying awake while her baby human friend naps...

Clearly, this picture was taken just after some gastrointestinal activity had subsided...or should I say, transpired?

One morning, while Mom was still getting ready to come to the beach, Cory and Estoria built a sweet lean-to for the delicate-skinned babe. Replete with sand and a boogie board ceiling. Gosh dad, why didn't you go into engineering? Because I hate math, that's why.
Captured this guy trying to break into our beer cooler...little bugger had a leash tied to him...didn't like that so I freed him to go try another tourist's cooler. Better luck next time, dragon.

He said he was searching for surf...but a few minutes later four (4!) beach babes strolled on by, checked our boards, bods, and decided that anorexic looking boys weren't their type. Oh, and the surf sucked that day.

Nuclear apocol...I mean, another gorgeous morning on the east coast (clearly the east or it'd be a sunset...). This picture makes me ponder whether I/we really are part of the environment we inhabit. What do you think?

And upon returning, we were overgrown with an abundance of cherry and pear tomatoes. All organic ("certification" can kiss it) and ready for some taste buds! I'm peddling them at hypno today, and maybe later if they last, so come and get some. They are good for and also taste good, too. Wow, nice combo.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

High Heat with a Chance of Frost

Frozen camera winter pic used for the title photo. Well, if it's gonna get this cold at night 'round here we may as well dust, wax, and sharpen (if you are edgy)  the skis, eh?

More wild technology that may benefit our weighty nation: A fryer that uses air, not oil. Not sure if it works that well or how it tastes, likely not as "good" tasting as using oil. Sweet little sin!

And then there is the DJ's cremation dream: press my ashes to vinyl, sucka! wikawika!

Stay out of my yard!

Haven't checked to see if the Davis garden has been affected by the cool weather. The Valley plot was frozed up a bit last Sunday...light frost but enough to make green go brown...ya know, like death. Talk about fluctuation...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Local Vibe All Around

Local food for local people. Close to the earth isn't a bad thing. People in this community stay pretty well connected. And it's that kinda web that is needed to get the info out, and the action in, about things like Gasland. If you think it's a good idea to "frack" (hydraulic fracturing) for natural gas, think again. This fact sheet will inform ye on thine own ignorance. 
So peeps, despite the carrot called cash profit for selling your mineral rights, it is likely not worth the cost of having your land practically ruined, your property value slashed, and your personal and environmental health severely threatened/harmed. Inform(ation).
Estoria doesn't even need to dream of local food, it has come true. And when I say local, I mean front yard. The orange cherry 'maters are the sweetest I've ever had. Maybe it's all that good horse poo and blood meal? Maybe organic/biodynamic farming methods actually makes food taste yummy?

Fuzzy pic on top of da's actually dark but that darn flash made it appear different than reality...funny how that works, eh?

On the way up to this fine party, I witnessed a few dancing camera trick.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Energy R Me

I'm geekin' out on all the emerging technology these days; especially the gizmos that are making life healthier for people and the planet. So here goes my Geek List:
  • Seattleites at Clarian Power are putting out a DIY renewable energy Solar and Wind Plug-In unit, called the Sunfish and Jellyfish. Seems fairly simple and safe...oh yeah, and it's pretty affordable, comparably.
  • Finally, the dopest car in the world may soon be a reality. Canadians are making electric vehicles out of "an impact resistant bio-composite material that is made from hemp mats." Ridin' High! (yeah, we all know that hemp doesn't give out the tetrahydracannonball why is it still illegal?)
  • Those dang Germans are up to there pesky inventiveness again! Solar Architect Rolf Disch created Heliotrope more than fifteen (15) years ago on the edge of the Black Forest, a bright idea indeed. Heliotrope is a house that is still a big deal because it produces more electricity than it actually uses. And it slowly rotates to maximize the sun's simple rays. Oh, and it's designed with seasons in mind, ya know, feng shui for more at that link.
Oh people people, there is so much more. Alas, I must get back to cleaning up the Hypno Vessel and designing more ingenious ways to caffienate the masses. Pics will come soon if I remember to have my camera around...enjoy the final throes of summer.