Saturday, June 26, 2010

"I feel so my neighborhood"

Here I come again....I've got to have arugula, now!
Dang, the double dig has proved to be the ultimate method to producing strong crops with vigorous growth and little weeds. We had a great swiss chard arugula lettuce salad last night, gathered; 100 feet away from the dining room table. Is this love that I'm feelin'? Yes, it is love. Love for spicy greens and neem, baby.

Arugula is good for you. 

Eat yer greenies, kiddies. Maybe we'll get some pumpkins outta the Davis patch. Warning to Josh if his house gets overrun. I'll do my best to control the patch.  Appetites Up!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Grow

We have been gardening a lot these days. It feels great. Dirt under nails, sunburned, every time I dance I feel the limitations in my low back and shoulders. With two (2) different spaces/places to let roots rip, I've got some work cut out for the summer and fall. Neem oil was found in Oakland, so them darn buggers won't eat up all of our plants. Do I feel bad, 'cause they gotta eat and feed their families also....? Well, it is a balanced universe. I liked the idea of planting so much that you can afford to feed deer and bugs...but that is not the case, and I must combat the invasion. Neem, enter.

If I could find the connector for the camera you'd see our handiwork...alas, it seems that Tony Bologna stuffed it into his diaper bag on the way outta town. Anyhow, its darn gorgeous up in these mountains. Come relax in our bog.