Monday, March 29, 2010

Banff Comes to Morgantown

If you have gone to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival then you don't need me to tell you how awesome it is. If you have not seen it, then you should really consider going, because it is an awesome experience! Let's carpool and eat Indian food and/or Black Bear Burritos.

You can get tickets here. See you there. Go Canada.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


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Old School, New School, It's All Cool!

From Wood to Plastic...and back to Wood!

Out from under the cold rock,
waiting for the water to recede,
fingers ready to dig into dirt,
seeds, water, warmth, growth, light.

I just came across a neat organic seed provider, based in Vermont, called High Mowing Seeds. It seems that they are offering some very interesting varieties of veggies. Golden beets, dinosaur kale, yum!

A trip to Morgantown/midwife brought visions of green grass, blooming flowers, and, well, over-primped sorority girls. Nothing new there. Anyhow, growing things has me excited!

The fine folks at Backbone Food Farm are working hard to provide much of the area's herbivores/omnivores/yea even carnivores and esp. localvores with hormone/pesticide free and organically grown food, meat, and flowers. "Horse and Heart Powered!!!"

You can't be what you don't eat, so get yer teeth into some local plants grown by people you can meet and hug. Oh yeah!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break has been, well, Springy

The weather took a turn....for the _______. Something like day five (5) of pure blue skies....first day at Timberslime was mushy at times but mostly sweet and soft bumps mixed with off-piste post-pow. The Lamgar (Lobert?) contingent was seen for a split sec...just before leaving for babysitting duty. That's the "-gar" part of the duo. Lambert just sits on his porch next door and plays blues tunes about being chained to the diaper station. Write one for me, buddy.

John L. caught without his examination gloves, yea no gloves at all, on Silver Streak, the most undefined trail on the mountain, due to its uncomfortably close hip connect with White Lightning...

Ski Patrol Nut Dave R. showing us how to support his work...ever get bored midweek?

Adam Eats Corn For Lunch

 India to Timberline

Kyle W. is fresh of the plane from Bangalore, India, studying Tibetan Medicine and staying ever-aware of humanities need for compassion activities like skiing and laughing.

The Chase Boys and another local C boy (H. surname) are off to North Fayston, VT, for the 35th Annual NATO Telemark Festival at Mad River Glen, VT! Friends and Fam and lots of lactic acid...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tired of Snow? No.

Title Pic: Totally unrelated to the current period of time. Mo bouldering outside of Motown last fall: Pioneer Rocks, I think? Climbing time will come soon enough. Different muscles will have to be used, different ligaments shall be torn, different buzzes shall be acquired via a different sport, one that fights gravity even more than skiing.

Skiing, skiing, work...skiing, skiing, dog ski, wor..., skiing, eatsleepdrink, wo... coffeecoffeecoffee. Skiing. w...oh wow, the sun is actually out. First time in weeks. Vitamin D, welcome back to my life.

 To Jump or Not To Jump....

Mo Jumps

Pipeline Mellow Shred

Adam = Shredder

Near Famous Amos

It's darn good out there. Anywhere, pretty much. For some areas it has got to be steep enough or else you'll be dragging. Need for Speed.