Saturday, July 24, 2010

As Ready As One Can Be

Baby Party was super. Food was totally amazing. Friends were aplenty. Lily is still over-protective...

Thanks to Janel F. for the Body Cast. I was hoping to do it all the way over her head, maybe with an agonizing birth cry...but this will suffice.

...and just to try to "get the feeling" a little didn't work, since the cast weighs next to nothing. I get a lot of comments on the street when I wear it, though...looks like a boy, eh?
Moriah took some great photos...and I can't figure out how to get them up here...maybe later?

10,000 Thanks to all the fine folks that showed such love and support for the new one. According to our favorite witch, it'll be a red-headed boy....time will tell! We'll be parenting any day now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ACIM Goes Audio-Visual

There is a movie on A Course In Miracles. Check it in on YouTube. Think about it. Feel the automatic egoistic reaction of denial about the ideas. Or maybe you already get it? Awesomely graceful.

There has been a bit of a break from the local ACIM meeting, but anybody who is interested should drop me a line on the blog or in my ear. It's all the same to the brain; communication received.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party for New Life

Most people already know a few things: 1) Cory is a slacker, as is exhibited by his last minute baby shower invitations; and 2) Sheena and Cory are having a baby party/shower/potluck/partypartyparty on July 19, 2010 at 6pm in Canaan. G-rents Chip and Laurie are hosting the shindig, so this is an open invite to any blog reader that may wish to come and NOT bring a bunch of cutesy pink (it'll be a boy, some think) stuff that we don't really want or need. No offense. It's just that our home is filled to the roof with plenty of stuff. Thanks Logar. Really.

Lily wonders when she will get more attention since Honey, and soon to be baby, are taking away her limelight. We still pet her a lot, even though she barks at every damn thing that passes by, sorry Donna. No reason to call Tucker County Dog Cop the Bish or PETA. Maybe dog petting vouchers should be in order?

In other news I find noteworthy:
Cool, eh?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tropicali Davis

I like this part of my recent irreverent horoscope:
"We're all in 'sales,' selling our personalities,
our accomplishments, our charms." That's a quote from Richard
Grossinger's new book *2013.* I share his view of human nature. Is there
any interaction between people that doesn't involve a bit of hustling? The
subtext of every encounter includes at least one of the following: 1. "I
want you to like me." 2. "I'm trying to get you to believe I am who I say I
am." 3. "I'd really like you to see how interesting and important and
unique I am.""  -  Rob Brezsny
Mo(u)lting time here at the Blackwater River. I saw dozens of these empty guys yesterday on Camp 70. I've been trying to do the same thing these days. Leave behind the old shell of "me" that is no longer "me," ya know? If I don't leave it behind, it's baggage. Unneeded. From the latest Cloud Cult album, Light Chasers: "You can't escape from yourself unless you don't run."

They make great finger puppets, too. Got any crayvings daddy, nyuck nyuck!!! Is that gross?

Foggy Bottom (Kit Kat) taking a rest from stalking the bird feeder....should a bell be put on his collar?

Naturally, he can reach the feeder jumping from the ground. No tree necessary.

A side note: Since my time working at the coffee shop, I see a lot of people driving by. That includes police officers. In the past three (3) days I have seen a handful of our local enforcers of  man's law and some state troopers cruising through humble, crime-less and drug-less (minus the awesome's legal, baby) Davis, oftentimes speeding for no apparent reason (except that they are the law so who will "go get 'em?") and punching numbers or texting into their phones. Now I don't think that we have laws in place here that don't allow that, but I just find it funny that our servers and protectors are simply speeding through town and looking down. I, for one, have never, EVER, broken ANY law ANYWHERE. So I have every right to call them out. 
Oh, except that I smuggled some heirloom beans outta Mt. Vernon's old slave garden and planted them at my old apartment in Morgantown....they were mowed over once ("Must be a funny weed.") but they survived that crew cut...and after Corey B. put bright orange tape around them, they were mowed over again. Bean haters.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My sweet and smelly Honey pie: pond diver, butterfly chaser, ankle biter (sometimes, sorry), and all around mostly mellow pup. Maybe she'll eat all the algae blooma-mania in the pond...? Or we can compost it.

It's bigger than this now, since this was a few months ago. But I put it up here so that you could rub her belly and not act like it's cool to violate a persons emotional seat (the belly) in person. Does anybody come touch your belly and make oogly boogly sounds? No. So, please please please, ask first.
6:25 am. On the way to Hypno. And that's not even half of the flock...I love nature. I am part of it. That is good. Happy 4th folks. Don't burn yourself, OK?