Sunday, May 29, 2011


Had a nice day yesterday with my first ever farmer's market at The Trail Mix. Sunny all day (hide the lettuce, let the plants bask). I brought a salad mix of Black Seeded Simpson, Bibb, and Salad Bowl Mix Lettuces, Bull's Blood Beet tops and Red Russian Kale. All other items were potted plants, mostly heirloom purple tomatillos, dill, and some random nasturtiums, calendula, and parsley. For a first market, it went well. There were five vendors selling all manner of art, hand-made leather goods, walking sticks, dog treats, fresh-picked herbs,  baked goods and more...obviously the wetness has made the farming a bit tricky, but more produce will trickle in as time ticks by. Here are some details and links you may like to check out:
Market Locations and Times 
Senior Center in Parsons: Wednesdays 10am-1pm (heard this may not start until late June or July?)
Hypnocoffee in Davis: Fridays 4pm-6pm
 The Trail Mix in Canaan Valley (Timberline Road): Saturdays 10am-2pm

Make the connection between food, community, and local agriculture...

Found this cool video on beekeeping in Hong Kong. Turns out even the concrete jungle can get some local goodness. Now all the buildings need huge gardens on top of them...

Nokia - HK Honey from The Silentlights on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Honey likes to kill chickens. After many days of free time with the birds, she got lucky enough to get a barred rock in her mouth. Dang. Many are missing (hiding, me hopes...) but returning slowly (what would you do if a murderer were loose in your yard?)

Young Funk Sung is blending more Reggae, Psychadelia, and insane solos to make for a helluva good dance party. Haven't seen MSBC that packed in a while. They get more fun every time. For real.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chick A Boom

 Nothing beats the double dig.

 Polish chickens, also called "top hats" for obvious reasons. Some say that their topknots help one to distinguish the sex...the ladies have a rounder puff top, while the dudes have a more spiky, wild style. That or you wait it out, or do some vent scoping. Ah, cloaca, great stuff.

Honey dog, giving that longing look over at the fatalities yet, just a lot of drooling.

Keep in mind that the first Farmers Market at the Trail Mix will be this Saturday, May 28th. Its a start!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mariami Will Tell You How It Is

I am pleased to bring your attention to the hard work and dedication of my dear friend Mariami, who taught me a lot about things a country boy needs a teachin' why people wear make-up, why hip-hop is so dang hip, how to gel with people that are so different....the list goes on. Deep in the midst of NYC, the antithesis of Dub V, this lady has been slaving to bring your spirits up through the power of music and song. I suggest checking out her MySpace and getting some of her earlier material before diving into this video.  And if ya like it, you can get it on iTunes. Enjoy!         (The offer still stands for a north central Dub V tour, will keep ya'll posted!)

Monday, May 9, 2011


The secret to the Fro. Fish oil juice.

The secret to couch-parenting: leave the kid leftovers on their face.

The secret to growing indeterminate tomatoes in Dub V.