Monday, February 28, 2011


I can say "rain" because it is already here in full effect. Most skiers know that saying the word (yea, even typing it) is considered taboo and just askin' fer bad karma/weather. But, as many humans have discovered, "bad" is relative. 

Here's a little poorly lit vid of our little yoga girl.

"What? Rain? Dagnabit! I was so looking forward to ski-crawling."

In other weird world news, this one has been a long time coming....although, it has been done before (See South America: Agave and other plants used as shoes). Compostable shoes...That'll be the day, when all of our "happy" meal boxes are laced with wildflower seeds. "Yeah, I'd like a #3 with extra bacon and a love-in-a-mist box."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy B'day Geo

...and Abe, as well. Thanks for making America a great place to be. Although I like the Brit's accent, I sorta dig the down home Dub V dialect as well.

A rainy end to this holiday weekend has got the slopes slimmed out and the coffee shop packed. Guess rain is good for some businesses!

Once I get my camera back I'll post some pics. Esty has reached a great place in her human development. Grinning (toothless, still), grabbing and gulping; it's never a dull moment! Have kids! Share/show the love!

Off to massage more tired people, keep your head up high!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Up to My Man J

No, not that J. Although he/we all need a big up once in a while.

Well, if you have not seen it yet, Jacob (of hucking Little Hucks fame) has been slapping up some sick videos. He and his posse aren't really breaking any laws, although they may be breaking bones (maybe that is bass ackwards?) Ch-ch-check it!

Kosher West Virginia - December from jacob lutz on Vimeo.

Yeah, it's long, but dang, its sweet! About 7 1/2 minutes into it, upon emerging onto what seems to be the pipeline off of Bald Knob and seeing people skiing in both directions...."Damn dude...what's going on out here?"  That, my friend, is what we call off-piste bliss finding.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Another hardening off of the wonderful white stuff (Snow, you sicko...) has occurred. The rain brought beautiful mini lakes to Route 32 that, upon being driven through, sent sheets of frozen slop to coat vehicles, people, trees, and those poor deer that always seem to hang by the road. From 40 degrees in the a.m. the temperature was slashed in half by the afternoon. All that slush, that crud on your car? Frozen. Doors, frozen. Windows, frozen. Driveways? Nasty.

So what better thing to do than reminisce about those powder runs?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is good. Some would say it is delicious...

OH YES! SKI HASH coming up. Try to catch Brother's Chase this SUNDAY, FEB. 6 atWHITE GRASS. The Hares kick off at 2 PM. Get yer sniffers cleaned out, ya mangy mutts.

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