Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Future music Now

Beatjazz. This is the real deal. If you like jazz and electronic music, watch this. Even if you don't, watch it to see what live hand-made improv is like.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Be my sweet potato. Whoa, not THAT much sweet tater.

I planted 24 slips of sweet potato in my two gardens and got some impressive yields for planting such a heat- and time-in-the-ground-loving plant. I really didn't expect to get much being that the deer ate most of them to the ground (saved them with low tunnels) and that we have had frost here for weeks. But I was wrong. Very wrong.

That's a shiny old quarter on top of the larger of the taters I dug up. Hope your hungry when you visit.

 This is the alien Burbank Russet potato gun that was unearthed. Weird.

3 Root Grex beets. Go Wolperts! Got seeds from those wonderful people and can't wait to give them a try. Stay away, deer. If you eat them then I am inclined to eat them via you. Got it?
The next step is curing the sweet potatoes. This involves keeping them at about 80 degrees F and at 80% humidity. Sounds like I will dig up the seed heat mat and the old humidifier. Hope it works.
I also got a few varieties of garlic to plant from the Wolperts. Pretty psyched to grow some seed garlic and a little to enjoy and share with others. Nothing like some passion food!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Time goes by:

Tomatillos. They are so delicious and so prolific. A winning combination. I grew green tomatillos, purple tomatillos, and some that were a little of both. The green ones tend to turn more yellow when they are nice and ripe. I combined all of them to make salsa-not-really-verde. It's got a bit more brown in to qualify as green salsa, for those unversed in this lovely Latin American classic.
Minus things like salt and cumin, all the other ingredients were grown nearby, even the apple cider vinegar.

 This is just the beggining of the process. I think we weighed 25#'s and ended up with about 19 pints. Cosmic taste hot and fresh. Not too bad out of the jar, either.
 Glass Rules.
My brother Mogley and I worked at the Mother Earth News Fair two weekends ago. What a tremendous hootarooroo. I met people, animals, insects, foods, bacteria, and all manner of seeds and bulbs. Fab Ferments, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Smooth Ride Smoothies, Hempzels...these people are awesome and worth supporting.
 Livin' the life. These guys got to eat our compost, banana peels, watermelon rinds, coffee grounds. Thus, our potential compost was turned into meat and poo. The circle spins on.
 Another cool early fall morning in Canrain Valley.

Mountain sandwhich on cloud bread. Goldenrod mustard plate?

Freakin' gorgeous awfully invasive pitcher plant.
Destroying Your Cranberry Bog So You Don't Have To!
If you care about native species, you need to watch this (produced by awesome dude Joel Wolpert).
Happy Fall! It is a tool to prepare you for winter.