Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Darkest Days

The candle shines brightest in the darkest night.

It's a time for introstpection, if not just feeling the way the cold bites so deep. But beyond physical awareness, perhaps it can be a time, even a moment, to take stock of what's inside. Inside the head, the heart, the gut. What are you thinking? Feeling? Eating? Is it what you want? Is it your higher potential or your avoidance of change?

Through all of our inner struggles and outer struggles, we must find a way to accept change...and use it to dive into the unknown/unknowable with trust that we are going to be fine with the new you. Letting go of old habits that don't serve us is surely a wise decision. Clenching the old dusty penny when it's raining quarters is insane. When open, the sands of time run freely through your hands; when clenched, only grit. These are decisions, conscious or not, that we make every moment. Are you aware of what choice you are making? Is it doing you any good right now? Could it use an update? I hope that we can find ways to see ourselves as we are, which could even mean seeing ourselves as we don't really want to be, which leads to a desire for change. Buena suerte.