Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going for a loop

Been dinkin' around the lowlands lately and happy to see flowers blooming and the garden growing! About to get some Polish chicks, and perhaps some R.I. Reds as I crazy?

I know I know, all of you have been waiting to see what Mo can do when he puts his mind to it...enjoy.

Mo Jo Linkin' Loop

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Mind + Free Heel = Freedom

So far so good. I have vowed to plunge Esty into the NATO Telefest for as long as it runs...and as long as she is interested? We both totally dug all of the pinheads (well, there were a handful of the true pinheads...the rest are...cableheads?)

I'll try to post some more pics/vids later, about to catch the last of the turns available in Canaan. Not to mention my pal Kyle just got back to the States! Time to make some sore quads....

Here's a VT vid of Mo, praying to somebody, doing a backyard backflip.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tap Time

While winter appears to duck out before the final act, the maple sap has been flowing like milk and honey in pre-industrial America (sorry about the overgeneralization of our aphid-like tendencies). Our busy bee Karl is boiling as I blog, and after some dang fine music with Sol Driven Train I'll likely try to stay up late and keep the sap boiling. Maple syrup = super-local awesome better-than-table-sugar sweetener!

 Here we see MoJo talking with the governor of Vermont to see whether we can usurp his state as the Maple Kings.

The tank. It's what allows one to make syrup in large(r) quantities...bless the tank and leaks no see.