Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teary eyed gem-in-i

One of my horoscopes was as follows:  
Gemini: All that sugar will finally kill you this week when it falls from the top shelf and cracks the back of your head straight open.  -- The Onion
I had kind of assumed the sugar would do me in by rotting the teeth out of my skull; a much slower, peaceful (and enjoyed) passing. Or, perhaps, making me so wound up that my head simply spins off.  So, I've decided to keep my head UP so that perhaps my spine can absorb most of the hit so that I will only get a mild or major concussion, not the end. A messy end, to boot.

Another horoscope read as follows:
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Is there a message you've wanted to deliver for
a long time but haven't been able to? Are you bursting with thoughts or
feelings that you've been longing to express but can't find the right way
to do so? Have you spent months carrying around a poignant truth that
you have felt wasn't ripe enough to be revealed? If your answer to any of
those questions is yes, I believe the time will soon be at hand to make a
move. But it's important that you're not impulsive or melodramatic as you
initiate your breakthrough communications. For best results, be full of
grace and balance.  -- Free Will(y) Astrology
That's a lot of pressure, so I've decided that the time is not right now, although it may just be soon. Ya see, I am impulsive and melodramatic. So I'll wait until those tendencies are not the deciders..."soon" could be a year from now. Who knows...until then, please go fly a kite.

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